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Shining  welcome  to  you  in  the  space  of

The  Wondrous  Heart * !

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Beyond the physiological function of our Supreme Master Heart,

there is a field of investigation inspiring every day

new discoveries regarding Its true Nature.


Apart from moments of grace where there are no more questions,

we regularly seek to fathom the depths of our heart , lost in inner confusion ,

unable to access any clarity among the tangle of thoughts and emotions that occupy our mind ..


Primary wounds hidden inside our psyche led us to developing strategies of protection, `

survival, that keep us away from our true power as creators of our lives.

Our internal system is in constant struggle,

trying to control all of our repressed emotions which have been asking,

claiming, demanding, all over the years, to be heard and expressed.


Even though we are aware of such a process going on inside of us,

even though we have access to valuable teachings informing us about other possibilities , nevertheless can we still remain captive of this state of being

and see our sense of separation being intensified,

if we do not open a passageway which can create the link between

the part of us that knows and that which carries oblivion.


It may be that we can find the path without any '' outside '' help .


It is also possible that such aid is a blessing on our way.


Recent years have brought new awareness about the value of guidance

that encourages people's autonomy on their path of transformation,

rather than an unavoidable dependence to external solution.


We are beings of link learning to be in relationships ..... beyond attachments.


We can support each other, guide each other, possibly in this new consciousness.


The road we have traveled may benefit others like a benevolent light encouraging the safety

and then the freedom of their steps towards a new unknown inner land. 



The decisive step, the surrender, the failover, the ultimate Yes,

lies in the mystery of the appointment we have with(in) ourselves.


It seems that today, things are accelerating,

regarding the emergency to free ourselves from entropic behavior,

and in our inspiration for new ways of simpler, quicker and more effective procedures

enabling our profound transformation.


This Opening is coming now , because we are ready to welcome it ........

So many steps and patience required until then ....... ♡


As impermanence is inherent in this earthly experience,

the shifting process will keep on going.

It is good however to feel that real change is within our reach , more than ever,

and with it, the promise of a new Light-ness.



Just like our multiple uniqueness, there are many wonderful ways

to achieve our Transformation towards more Joy, Peace and Harmony ...


Mine has crossed that of energy practitioner Paul Wong and its approach simply called

              * * *    Opening Of The Heart  * * *

A few months later , after having myself tasted the happiness of my heart deconditioning

and after I have started accompanying others in this process,

here I am, following the surge of my soul for sharing this rejoicing possibility with you .




This proposal is not a new method to learn.

It is a path of inner transformation, deep, powerful and genuine.

It connects us with lovingly embracing the response-ability of our Experience. 

It invites us to meet all our aspects in order to welcome and real-ease them into One-ness *




So, if this offer makes your inner bells tinkling,

I invite you to discover the presentation of the Opening of the Heart

and contact me for any further information which I will be happy to convey to you ***


Painting by Alaya Gadeh *

        Website designed and written by Magali Pietri *

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