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'' Opening  Of  The  Heart ''

Described  below and conveyed
through my ownVison and Guidance :-)

There is a place in the deepness of our very Heart

where everything that we are, in all our aspects,

remains permanently and unconditionally welcomed, embraced and cherished *

A place where our most unspeakable failures, fears, weaknesses, guilts, resentments, angers,

melt in the Sun of Infinite Love

* * *

* * *


There is a human historical process that leads everyone of us

to build up innumerable layers of conditioning of suffering that turn into unconscious charge.

This process close the access to the alchemical power of our Heart .

It leaves the reins of our life to our wounded ego, getting our mind constantly overwhelmed

by confused, weakening or destructive thoughts, most of the time.



The Good News is that it is absolutely Possible for us
to move through this state of chaos inerent in the experience of incarnation,
and regain our sovereignty of Being ! * * *



This path invites us to release the conditioning of our Heart,

being guided by someone whose own heart has already been de-conditioned.
( and will keep on, as long as life is pulsing in the chest :-)

Which leads Us to taking part in the virtuous and exponential universal circle

of Openness, Love, Harmony :-)


This person guides us first in acknowledging and 100% accepting our selves and issues,
in the respect of our own sensibility and inner rhythm.

This step of unconditional acceptance of all our parts is the sacred open door

to our full Transformation potential.

The truthful and profound state of acceptance is greatly made easier
if proceeded from an open Heart ( free of conditioning ),
as the ego ( mental ) will not be the one able to welcome these aspects of us
which it merely can envision from its judgmental polarized nature.

It is not what it has been designed to do.

That is why Opening of The Heart is not a simple positive affirmations process.


The deconditioning process will keep on unfolding through the repetition of our thoughts

which are the loudspeakers of our limiting, painful, or annihilating issues,

wether physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual...


The person who guides us is like a facilitator
who helps us identify our conditioning and resistances
While we repeat our related thoughts, she/he will connect us with the Transmission
of Universal unconditional Heart energy that supports and allows our Liberation...

These simultaneous actions are defining Opening of The Heart procedure.


When placed into our Open Heart Space, issues dissolve into Nothingness,

in the vastness of the field of possibilities, recycled into brand new fresh energy,

offering some new available space on our HeartDisk :-) *

Allowing and Expanding our ability for neutral inner Vision and Feeling

about what used to affect us before.



We welcome a new Inspiration. We contemplate new Life landscapes *


We stop struggling body and soul in our attempt to create the New out of the Old *


We are reborn to Wholeness, Freedom and Truthfulness connecting to our Infinite Heart Field *





Opening Of The Heart applies to every One,
including therapists, energy healers.


Our Heart Is One with the Heart of Creation. 



It is the vibrant Center of our multidimensional Nature. 



The pulsating gate of our Infinite Beingness. 



It keeps inspiring Us in so many ways to bring Us back Home. 



Thank you for your attention ♥



Magali Pietri *

Paul Wong is the creator of the Opening Of The Heart
Click below for accessing his site  *

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