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     The name I have chosen for this earth path is

    Magali Pietri *

I am one being who has always been intensely

searching for the meaning inside this Existence,

and who loves to experiment all that relates to the discovering

of our energy-creative-vibrational potential, in a wide diversity.


Very alive, inside of me, there is this yearning for embodying a joyful and burning spiritualness at the heart of physical matter.

Very early, my fiery nature ( Leo -Sagittarius : ) felt the compelling call to express herself through *** Singing and Music ***



After debuting at the age of 16, doing background vocals alongside french famous singer Nino Ferrer,  I embraced a jazz singer path, performing on big stages and in prestigious festivals.


I developed creations as a composer-songwriter..... I Taught Singing and Sound .... improvisation through voice, rhythm, body ........ Have been a art director ....... Practiced guitar and drums, painting and spontaneous Dance ***



As I speak english, I could find across the Atlantic ( I am french ! ) some nourishment adapted to my soul thirsting for leading edge - new consciousness - multidimensional discoveries :-) This led me to experiment many energy modalities and teachings such as Kinesiology ( in many approaches) ....... Ho'hoponopono.....
...Abraham -Hicks ..... Tong Ren ....Mashhur Anam 's magic and fun holographic tools.... just to name a few :-)



During the past 15 years, while continuing my own Healing -Transformation through various trials that my story had brought, I have been so happy to accompany other beings on their own path of development, healing and transformation.

That was first through the work of Singing, Sound and spontaneous Creation, which are privileged mirrors of the soul and personality and also wonderful tools for Expressing our deepest nature.

Then through the energy technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) by Gary Craig, which I was taught by Louise Gervais and that truly was a very precious discovery on my Consciousness path.



Today, at this particular page of my life book :) I am offering my support, guidance and Transmission to people, through Singing/Spontaneous Creative Workshops and sessions as well as Through EFT and Opening of the Heart


For my own daily practice, Creative Arts such as Music, Singing , Dance, Writing, Image, remain essential to my Supreme Happiness ***

If you would like to hear me singing some of my Vocal Improvisations
please, click the star below

 For listening to some of my " world-jazz " compositions,
please click the note below

I Thank you warmly for your attention *

My most vibrant wish is that We all now can find Freedom and Joy * that we are in Essence and let them inspire us to create our Wonder-ful Life *


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