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The duration of a session is 60 minutes.

The fee per session is $ 58.........£ 38


Sessions are offered via Skype (with or without camera depending on what you are most comfortable with ), with the same efficiency and joy than in person ....*



*    For communicating with me, please go to the " contact " page    *



 Here are some examples of effects that have been observed and experienced through
Opening of The Heart sessions :



❀ More peace, harmony , kindness with oneself, family and others.

❀ Liberation from deepest fears, doubts, insecurity and guilt .

❀ Liberation from pain, from physical and emotional issues.

❀ More detachment. More confidence in the future and more optimism.

❀ More Joy and inspiration.

❀ Increased potential for self-healing.

❀ Sensation of inner freedom. More space. Mental soothing . Inner silence.

❀ Ability to express one's feelings.

❀ New possible . New choices. ....


( A testimonial page is under construction )



Choosing to decondition our heart is choosing to leave our old patterns. It is stepping out of our comfort zone, as illusory this comfort may be.  It is leaving the known.

This may require the energy of courage and boldness from us...Courage and boldness to go through all of our darkest parts....and to live a freer, more authentic and expanded version of ourselves ***



As through any energy work, it is possible and natural that between OTH sessions, emotions and sensations perceived as difficult, negative or destabilizing could continue to emerge. This could be part of the transmutation energy process as movements go from one state to another, until new benchmarks take place....Like if our systems were getting reconfigured. This also could be a sign that other layers of conditioning need to be released.


In any case, know that these transition states do not have to endure and that suffering is not (no more) essential ***


Also Know that I will remain available, free of charge, between sessions for a liberator boost, if necessary ! ☀



Nota bene * Before requesting an appointment, I thank you for reading the following legal disclaimer :


Opening of The Heart sessions promulgated here are not medical care.

They are not qualified to diagnose or cure any physical or psychological illness whatsoever. None of the informations shared during OTH sessions may be considered as an invitation to stop any ongoing medical treatment without your treating physician's recommandation.

 Thank you for your visit ! ❀ 


   Wishing you the Wonders of the Heart ! ***

Painting by Catalina Estrada *

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